Digital Efficiency Workshop Oct. 2011


Entrepreneurial Journalism J-Lab Panels #JBiz @ONA11 9/22/11

Digital Efficiency

Here are some slides that accompanied

my June Workshop for the Staff of the New York Public Library in Manhattan.


Digital Efficiency for the New York Public Library Staff

What Numbers to Count: How to Measure Social Media Impact

HBS-ROIOfSocialMedia (2).pdf Download this file

How to measure social media’s impact: 1-page starter template by Donna L. Hoffman and Marek Fodor, in the MIT Sloan Management Review

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Do More with Less: 36 Tips for Digital Efficiency

These slides accompanied a BlogWorld talk I gave today about digital efficiency in an age of information overload. The talk was about how to gain efficiency not in order to do more for its own sake, but to free up time for deeper thinking, valued work and leisure. The slides and talk focus on 36+ tips, tools and techniques for managing, organizing and capitalizing on the ever-increasing body of digital information we face daily. Do More with Less: Digital Efficiency BlogWorld Talk by Jeremy Caplan

The Demographics of Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter | Ad Age Stats

Branding and Focus #Fail #Don’tDoEverything

50+ Social Media Sites, Services and Resources

Here are the slides for my presentation at the Poynter Seminar in Building a Successful Social Media Strategy.

7 Key Traits of the iPad2